We're sisters & we're mothers!

Fatema (fa-the-muh): Zainab (zay-nub) and I are less than a year apart so we're the same age for 18 days each year. This year, that age is 30! In addition to these special 18 days we share a lot in common: our fun-loving mom; our bookworm dad; and our risk-taking, problem-solving younger brother. Not to mention the same classroom, bedroom and bathroom for many years. As kids, we had similar but different interests: Zainab preferred Nancy Drew novels, and I enjoyed the Sweet Valley Twins series; Zainab collected key chains, and I collected shells; Zainab helped plan road trips while I serenaded the family by reciting road signs. 

Zainab: Over the years, like most sisters, there have been times when we were BFFs and others where it was more, you know, like Elsa and Anna, with the ice but without the magic. Fatema becoming a mom marked a turning point in our adult relationship. We've reconnected by reveling in our newest bond, but living across the country makes it hard to share our life experiences. So we’ve created this platform to share mamahood, support each other and think through what it means to be a mom in today’s world together. We hope you will join us on our journey!

Zainab (older sister) is the proud mama of a girl born December 2011 and a boy born August 2014. She is also a practicing lawyer in the Houston area. On this site Zainab's daughter is referred to as Sedona, and her son as Coconino. 

Fatema (younger sister) is mama to a girl born January 2016. She is a designer in the metro Detroit area. On this site, Fatema's daughter is referred to as Wildberry.